4 brands of watches that are dominant among women right now

Your outfit is incomplete without the right type of accessories. When it comes to accessories nothing can be as powerful and elegant as a stylish wrist watch. They add glamour to your looks and compliment your personalities. The watch not only tells you the time but are worn as a fashion statement. If you are looking for the right type of watch, then you can shop here and select from the huge stock of available watches.

There are many brands of watches like Fossil, Swatch, Channel, Tissot, Giordano, Tommy Hilfiger, Titan, Sonata, Fastrack, Timex, etc. Each of these brands are highly popular and have their own fan following. In this write up we would elaborate on the 4 most dominant brands of watches that are prevalent among the women right now.

  • Fossil

When it comes to watches women fall in love with this brand. Fossil and watches are like synonymous to one another. It is an American brand and they have a wide range of products from the smart watches to the analogue ones. They are sold through many online outlets in India. If you are interested to purchase a designer watch which you want to keep for at least 5 years then you can shop here.

Fossil offers a stunning range of watches which are stylish yet affordable. The designers here use a wide variety of materials in their watches, from deconstructed leather to multi-faceted colourful metals; you can find them all in their watches. Some of the most renowned names in design and fashion have lent their talent to Fossil watches. They have all sorts of watches from analogue, mechanical, digital, chronograph, to smart watches in their kitty. If you are still confused and want to check out some stylish, designer watches then you can shop here.

  • Swatch Watches

The Swatch watches create a sophisticated look in the most extra ordinary way. It is a Swiss watch brand and they are pioneer in combining modern style with traditional Swiss timekeeping. The watches are available in a variety of colours and design. It is one of the youngest Swiss watch brands and has succeeded to achieve tremendous results within a short span of time. They are immensely popular amongst the youngsters as they offer a harmony of beauty and precision.

The watches are available in 5 varieties: Swatch Originals (Plastic cased), Swatch irony (metal cased), Swatch Skin and Swatch Beat. The Swatch Skin had entered the Guinness World Book of Records for producing the world’s thinnest plastic watch. If you are interested to buy some swatch watches then you can shop here.

  • Titan watches

Titan is the biggest and the most popular watch manufacturing company in India. The company started in 1984 as a joint venture between Tata Industries and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO). Titan Raga is the sub-brand which has become immensely popular among the women. These watches symbolize exquisite beauty and grace of modern Indian women.

There are many watches in Titan Raga collection which are embellished with Swarovski crystals, pearls or enamel work. They can be worn either as a bracelet or a watch by the women. You can shop here some exclusive titan watches.

  • Fastrack

Fastrack was launched in 1998 as a sub-brand of Titan. In 2005 it became an independent brand targeting the urban population of India. They mostly manufacture sports and casual watches and are very popular among the youth. Recently they have launched a very reasonably priced fitness and activity tracker call Fastrack Reflex. Most of the Fastrack watches are water resistant so they

can be worn everyday to colleges, workout sessions and casual outings.

Finally, we can say that the beauty of a girl is enhanced by the accessory she wears. Watches are considered as one of the most important accessories of a woman. If you want to purchase some exquisite watches then you can shop here.