The Top Best Essential Oils To Use For Hair Growth

When dermatologists talk about the use of essential oils for hair growth, there is an array of beneficial options one can go by. Whether you are looking to give your hair some new strength, thicken your hair, lighten your hair, or treat dandruff naturally, essential oils are arguably safer than and equally as effective as the normal hair care products. Essential oils are usually extracted from plants through processes like evaporation or distillation. While most of the essential oils are popularly known for their excellent aromatic capabilities, they also possess strong chemical processes which can be important for good body health. For centuries, essential oils have been used in homeopathic, Eastern, and alternative medicines, all thanks to their effectiveness as well as their minimal side effects.

When compared to conventional hair products, essential oils are essential more cost-effective, a single bottle of your best oil will not only provide nourishment to your hair but also help in reducing stress, alleviating pain as well as fighting skin infections. Most importantly, Three Squares Oil are natural, which implies that you do not have to worry about coming into contact with dangerous chemicals. Here are some of the best essential oils you should use for hair growth.


This essential oil is known to have a sweet, refreshing aroma. Research has also shown that lavender essential oil bears hair growth-promoting effects. In an animal study conducted in 2016, the topical application of lavender oil was found to significantly increase the hair follicles in mice. Besides, the application of lavender oil was found to deepen the hair follicles as well as thicken the thermal layer. Lavender essential oil also bears antimicrobial properties which make it an excellent compound for combating fungal as well as bacterial disorders. Other benefits of this oil include the ability to heal dry skin and soothe the scalp. And since emotional stress is a contributing factor to thinning hair, this essential oil could be used to create a stress-free and tranquil environment.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Since Ancient Egypt, the rosemary essential oil has proven to be an effective solution for dealing with an array of hair problems. In fact, studies have shown that it is among the top essential oils for hair growth and thickness. Rosemary essential oil could be used to boost cellular metabolism which in turn stimulates hair growth as well as promoting healing. Surprisingly, rosemary oil has been found to work just as effectively as minoxidil, which is a conventional treatment for hair loss. And regarding boosting hair health, the benefits of this essential oil include slowing the hair graying process, treating dry scalp and dandruff, and preventing baldness.

For you to use this oil on your hair, you will need to take 4-6 drops and mix with equal parts of olive oil, then massage the blend onto your scalp for three minutes. Leave this mixture on your hair for about four hours then wash it off.

Cedarwood Essential Oil

Dermatologists suggest that cedarwood essential oil reduces hair loss and promotes hair growth by creating a balance in the oil-producing glands present in your scalp. This essential oil also possesses antibacterial and antifungal properties which could help treat an array of conditions which could result in hair loss and dandruff. When combined with a mixture of rosemary and lavender essential oil, this cedarwood extract was found to greatly reduce hair loss in people suffering from alopecia areata.

To use this oil, you just need to mix several drops of it with at least two tablespoons of your preferred carrier oil. Massage the mixture into your scalp and let it remain on the scalp for about ten minutes before you can wash it out. While this essential oil might be difficult to find in a majority of grocery stores, it can be easily purchased from health food stores.

Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile is also another excellent essential oil for the hair since it adds softness and shine to the hair while also soothing the scalp. And are you aware that you could use chamomile oil to lighten your hair naturally? Mix five drops of this oil with one spoon of sea salt and a few spoons of baking soda. Using warm water, create a paste and then rub the mixture on your scalp and hair. Pay more attention to the base of your hair and let it sit for two hours before you rinse it out. And if you are looking to have a bolder effect, you could let the paste sit on your scalp as you relax in the sun. Chamomile essential oil is a safer hair-lightening option as compared to the conventional hair products which might contain dangerous compounds which could expose you to many health risks.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree essential oil is known to possess powerful antimicrobial, antibacterial, and cleaning properties. When used properly, this oil could aid in unplugging the hair follicles as well as boosting hair growth. In fact, findings from a study conducted in 2013 revealed that a mixture of minoxidil and tea tree oil was more effective when compared to instances where minoxidil alone was used to facilitate hair growth.

Clary Sage Essential Oil

Linalyl acetate is an essential ester in this essential oil and helps in reducing skin inflammation as well as regulating the production of oil on your skin. The Clary sage essential oil also serves as an all-natural remedy for rashes besides working as an excellent antibacterial agent. Most importantly, this oil has been found to help in stress relief as well as balancing hormones. A majority of cases of hair loss are often associated with stress thus the use of this oil could be a step towards preventing hair loss.

Clary sage essential oil also works perfectly with jojoba oil, both of which can help in the regulation of oil production on your skin as well as help in avoiding flaky or scaly patches which result to dandruff. To try and ease the stress which is often linked to hair loss, you could diffuse this oil in your house or apply some drops to your temples and wrists.